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Do you know that Twitter is like a digital campfire? It shapes the world and provides ample opportunities to bond with the members of the society. In fact, Twitter is one of the most effective social media tools used by most online marketers to connect and engage with their target audience or traffic. Several publications such as BBC News World, New York Times and Fox News are known to have maintained a stable presence on Twitter.

Now the question is how do we build a strong online community around digital campfire? If you are not sure what to do with Twitter marketing then here are some key tips for your help:

Strategize and Execute Your Plan Smartly

Always remember that before you jump over to the Twitter Ocean, you must have a clear idea about this unique social media platform. Your primary step should be setting up goals and craft an integrated online communication plan. You must remember that your plan has to be target oriented so that you never get diverted from your objective. Think of using Twitter mix strategy which acts strongly to focus target audience. Doing advertising tricks a la carte will not work in the modern marketing setting. It should form part of an overall consistent marketing tactic.

Stay Devoted

You may think that why you have to be committed to your marketing strategy. Believe it or not, people who stick to their marketing plans are the ones who achieve success in a much better way than others. Your enthusiasm will help you gain more and more online friends who would contribute in sharing your tweets and thus increasing the chance of your brand promotion, effectively and smartly.

Share Exceptional and Germane Content Using Your Own Persona

Just by engaging with your camp members will not suffice. You have to mingle with them and trend a set of regular interaction or engagement. The most interesting way to do that is to share one of its kind content in your Twitter page using your own identity. This is what we call content marketing, through social media. Feed your audience or camp members with informative and genuine content so that they don’t hop around to gather the information they are looking for. When people see or notice that authentic, they will start interacting with you through tweets and re-tweeting your shares which will ultimately help you in your brand promotion.

Follow the Leaders or Trend Setters

This works like magic. If you follow an industry leader or any trend setter in Twitter, chances are there that others too start following you. Just think if you follow the CEO of Coca Cola, won’t you expect a rise in the follower numbers instantaneously? This is something which we common people tend to do and so it is good that we accept this nature of ours.

Re-tweeting creates magic! Do it and see the difference.

Track Latest Trends

The hashtag is a robust and commanding Twitter tool in tracking online trends, so make sure to check what is on and hip and use this to your gain.

For instance, #JenniferAniston trended in recent times because of an editorial she wrote for Huffington Post titled, “For the Record“. It is a blog post that shames the view of objectifying women to kowtow to a definite norm. Vogue, being a product targeted towards women, have followed the trend it, and cunningly stated, “We are all Jennifer Aniston”.

Give Leverage to Your Followers

The most significant aspect of utilizing Twitter as a digital platform is to build a community around it. The main aim is not to have countless Twitter followers, but to make your existing community more vigorous and engaging.


We can conclude by saying that Twitter has been a trendy social media channel to create community and has been an effective marketing tool. People, today, enjoy engaging with others simply by tweeting and re-tweeting. Use the platform effectively as it can create your brand!

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Twitter, one of the largely used social media channel has been in use as a marketing tool and interactive platform. People, irrespective of age, gender, profession and location are using this smart platform to create hype for their brand. Twitter, if smartly used, can help in business promotion and help in engaging with millions of people through community build up.

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