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On page Seo techniques to increase visibility

How to use On Page SEO Techniques as a Platform to Increase a Website Visibility

Search engine optimization which is better known as SEO is a process which helps in improving the ranking of a website in results page of a search engine. Basically, it is considered as the most advanced tool to enhance a website’s visibility while attracting more customers from all over the world. Turning visitors of a site into potential customers is possible with SEO.

While discussing about the importance and impact of an effective website ranking tool like SEO, it will be injustice for not bringing forward the significance and value of on page and off page optimization. These are basically two main categories of SEO process.

On Page SEO

On page search engine optimization includes internal linking and image optimization of a website. Meta tags and Meta descriptions are the vital parts of this unique website ranking improvement process.

Off Page SEO

Unlike on page optimization, off page SEO work is done on the external part of a website which includes social book marking, business listing and blog and article submission. The best part of this process of optimization is that its capability to link a website to multiple social networking sites.

Some of the best on page SEO techniques which helps in improving the visibility of a website:

  • Image optimization is one of the most effective techniques to attract customers. It is true that an appealing website grab the attention of potential customers.
  • The most important on page SEO technique is keyword density. It should be properly maintained to make the content SEO friendly and attractive. 2 to 3 % is the basic density of keyword in this process of optimization.
  • Title and description of content plays a vital role in enhancing the visibility of a website. It is therefore considered as the best on page SEO technique to create an informative and attractive website. It should be within 60 to 70 characters.
  • Meta descriptions should be within 160 to 170 characters. This important on page SEO technique attracts more clients with targeted keywords and informative content.

Reaching target audience while achieving business goals becomes easy, flexible and convenient with the innovation and introduction of on page and off page process of search optimization.

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