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Native Mobile Apps


Even though responsive website design is the “in” thing today, you can still take can take advantage of all the native apps available. The functionalities associated with mobile handsets work quite fine even today.

However, there are quite a few exceptions as well. Native apps will never work with a mobile device’s gyroscope, compass, or touch ID features. But apart from this, a native app’s UX is much smoother than responsive websites, and an internet connection is not always compulsory in order to use it. For interaction-heavy projects, native apps are the means to go. You can propel push notifications to users and modify your app so that it becomes an extension of your brand.

As per industry gurus, it is basically useless to develop any new native app unless you need it urgently. They come with a long list of drawbacks; the two biggest being that they are pricey and have a long turnaround. Native apps generally take time to build. It will be at least a couple of months before the first version is all set for release. Another thing to bear in mind is that user acquirement is much harder with native apps. They should not be used as marketing tools. The objective should not be exposure, as you can’t rely on Apple or Google all the time. You will have to do your own legwork for that. On the other hand, if your product by now has a recognized user base, then you might want to invest in developing a native app.

There are companies which will go ahead and help in developing native mobile apps. But before you approach them, do a comprehensive research about the actual requirement. Or else your investment will completely go waste. Most developers wanted to make their services accessible to their users in one tap, for instance permitting a breaking zone news story to be written and shared then and there.

User utilization has been evolving rapidly over the previous 10 years. You can’t afford to sag off when it comes to upgrading and preserving your company’s mobility solutions. What most experts have noticed is that users, regrettably, are not a loyal bunch. They have requirements and demands, and if they can’t find what they wish for with your business, they will not think two times before turning toward the competition.


In the genre of responsive website design, you can go for native apps, but only when there is a real need to have them. Get in touch with the experts who have fair knowledge about building native apps and then proceed with the process so that you get the maximum benefit.

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