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Mobile Marketing in 2016 will rule the world Are you an online marketer? Do you want to value your invoices to assess your accomplishment? Then mobile marketing is the right thing you must venture into in order to achieve success in your current profession. Nowadays, you will hardly find any other kind of gadgets which have witness such rapid growth than cell phones. No longer, we are using mobile phones to make or receiving calls or simply texting messages. With smartphones, the concept of mobile marketing has emerged and creating history in the marketing world. 40% Online Shoppers confirm at Least 3 Platforms prior to Placing an Order The trend was only 10% back in 2002. This unbelievable growth took place within such a short span of time and the full credit goes to mobile phones. Today, most people check with diverse apps before they buy anything online. 80% Consumers Prefer to Use Mobile Phones to Shop Online The statistics isn’t surprising. With the rise smartphones sales number, it is quite common that most mobile users will prefer to use their smartphones to shop online. With smart apps available, shopping is made easy through cell phones. 50% Mobile Users Look at Their Smartphones Once They Wake Up Yes! This is a fact that most of us prefer to have a look at our mobile phones once we wake up. This is a common trend and is predicted to get increased as time passes by. Hence, online marketers must think about it and strategize their marketing campaign to target mobile users. 61% Mobile Users don’t return to a Website which is Not Mobile Responsive This is true. Today, people use their smartphones to view websites and do online shopping both. So, in case they find a website not view able properly in their mobile phones, they will simply visit another website which is mobile responsive. No one enjoys viewing websites which cause too much pain to the viewers to get a proper glimpse of each and every page and content. 79% People Use their Mobile Phones to Read Emails With the rising popularity of smartphones, we can rightly say that mobile phones are no less than computers. In fact, most people use their smartphones to access the Internet and read emails. Accessing emails is one of the primary purposes of smartphones and we can say that the mission is successful. Hence, email marketing is really beneficial to reach mobile phone users. Think about all these and prepare your online marketing strategies. You must not forget one must go with the trend or else he or she will lag behind. So, if you really want to achieve success in the field of online marketing and create some impact, you must plan to target mobile phone users the most than others. That doesn’t mean that you will never work on any Plan B, that is, general people who still rely on computers or laptops to check emails, browse the Internet, visit websites and do online shopping. Today, it is time to go MOBILE, think MOBILE and act MOBILE! Internet marketing and mobile marketing can be run simultaneously. In fact, they are the same in one shell. Prepare your strategies so that you can target mobile users in a better way. You must remember that the percentage of mobile phone users is increasing every day and we have to accept this and work accordingly. You need to contact a mobile app development company to create your own business to excel your sell in mobile devices.

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